Thursday, February 20, 2020
    Come backs and come-from-behind victories are part of the game in any athletic completion. Then there are the special occasions where victory is pulled from the jaws of defeat. What took place at the Ivan Wood gymnasium on Feb 6 during the senior night celebration for the girls basketball team...

    Local News

    Complete count committee is ready for Census 2020

    Every year that ends in a zero—2000, 2010, and now 2020—share one important commonality: they are the years in which the federal government conducts...


    Plainville round-up: The Blue Devils’ week in review

    This week’s Big Blue Award for outstanding performance goes to Kori Jones. The junior forward on the girls basketball team knocked down a season...

    Community News

    Engineering exploration at Imagine Nation for kids

    ABB engineers and staff from Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center will guide students as they explore the world of science and engineering...

    Good Times

    ‘State Plate’ and Taylor Hicks put spotlight on CT’s food

    By MIKE CHAIKEN EDITIONS EDITOR Taylor Hicks won the hearts of America as the last singer standing on “American Idol.” Now Hicks is traveling into the heart...



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